Michael Wayne Turner: Drunk, Crack-Addled, and Dogbit Is No Way to Drive Through Lufkin, Son

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Angelina County SO
Michael Turner had a rough day.
When you see a young man with a bloody mess of a face driving a PT Cruiser around your neighborhood, it's probably a good idea to go ahead and call the police. That's just what some concerned Lufkin citizens did early Monday evening when just that very scenario unfolded.

Lufkin police responded and came upon 22-year-old Michael Wayne Turner, just after he had pulled the PT in a driveway. The cop eased his cruiser in behind Turner, who apparently didn't see it and promptly backed into it, causing minor damage to both vehicles.

Turner got out and attempted to explain this little mishap and his mangled face, which according to another report was "covered in blood from lacerations to his eye, ear, cheek, mouth and lips."

Oh that, Turner said. That was because he'd been attacked by a dog, Turner explained, one belonging to a mystery man. To the cop, this didn't seem to constitute the deportment of a man quite in his right mind, because he wrote down in his report that Turner was both drunk and high on crack.

After a quick trip to the hospital for treatment of his pooch-gnawed kisser, Turner was transported to jail, where he was charged with DWI (his third or more, making this case a state jail felony), possession of drug paraphernalia, and two traffic tickets. While there, he was also served with three more Class C warrants.

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I can't believe you are still at it, Michael.  Please get over your past and move on. You are such a good person inside, stop punishing yourself. 



(a) In Lufkin and (b) middle name Wayne. Damn sure gonna wind up in a John Lomax post, if not News of  the Weird. Damn that fatal middle name!


How can I send this man a CD?  I'm pretty sure I'm not reaching my true fanbase.

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