I-45 in Harris County: Most Teen Car Crashes in Texas

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Road trip...to higher insurance rates.
There's nothing like being a teen behind the wheel in summer. You've got your music blasting, you at least imagine the top's down, and the world is yours.

Plus, if you're in Harris County, you have the added excitement of crashing at almost any moment.

Allstate has put out a study of the worst highway stretches for car crashes involving Texas teens from 2006 to 2010, and our very own I-45 gets the top spot.

It doesn't get more specific than "Harris County," but we're betting the stretch between Houston and Galveston contributed more than its fair share.

I-45 had almost 3,100 car crashes involving teens in that time period; the second-most were the 1,910 that happened on....I-10 in Harris County. Probably involving teens on their way to I-45.

Says Allstate:

The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is known as the "100 Deadliest Days." More teens die in car crashes during this period than during any other.

"Car crashes are the number one killer of Texas teens," said Michael Walker, an Allstate agent in Austin. "Summer is almost here and when school is out, more teens will be hitting the highways across the state. This data should spur parents and community leaders to take action and teach our teen drivers that speeding, distractions and carelessness can be costly."

Also: Stay out of Bexar County.

The list:

1. I-45, Harris County: 3,091 crashes
2. I-10, Harris County: 1,910
3. I-10, Bexar County: 1,727
4. I-35, Bexar County: 1,668
5. SL1604, Bexar County: 1,648
6. I-410, Bexar County: 1,600
7. I-35, Travis County: 1,579
8. I-635, Dallas County: 1,489
9. US 59, Harris County: 1,440
10. FM 1960, Harris County: 1,365
11. I-45, Montgomery County: 1,276
12. I-10, El Paso County: 1,231
13. US 281, Bexar County: 1,201
14. I-35 E, Dallas County: 1,162
15. I-610, Harris County: 1,112

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Stan Jones
Stan Jones

A higher percentage of teens crashing means a higher rate of personal injury claims - which means higher insurance premiums for everyone else in the county.  The reasons are almost always drink, drugs, or speeding. The solution is almost always zero tolerance for even minor offences. Not three strikes and you're out, no second chances.  If you're under 21, even speeding 5 miles per hour over the limit and your driving license is suspended.  Another solution is accident bonds - a bit like bail bonds - where a substantial sum of money is deposited that the teen loses if there's any problems.

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