Houston Dogs Worst in Country for Attacking Mail Carriers

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Probably lives in Houston.
It's hard out there for a Houston mail carrier -- if the heat doesn't get you, the dogs probably will.

The United States Postal Service has put out its list of the ten most dangerous cities for dog attacks, and coming in at the top is....us.

USPS says 62 Houston letter carriers were attacked in 2010, far higher than in the second-place cities Columbus, Ohio and San Diego, which had 45 each.

"We often hear two comments relating to the Postal Service, 'The check's in the mail' and 'Don't worry, my dog won't bite'. Given the right circumstances, any dog can bite. Dog attacks are a nationwide issue and not just a postal problem," said Houston postmaster Matthew Lopez. "Working with animal behavior experts, we've developed tips to avoid dog attacks, and for dog owners, tips for practicing responsible pet ownership."

Those tips for dog owners include "When a carrier comes to your home, keep your dog inside, away from the door in another room" and "Dogs can be protective of their territory and may interpret the actions of letter carriers as a threat. Please take precautions when accepting mail in the presence of your pet."

Also, spay and neuter those things, people.

The rest of the dog-bite top ten:

3. Los Angeles, 44 attacks

4. Louisville, Kentucky, 40

5. San Antonio and St. Louis, 39 each

6. Cleveland and Phoenix, 38 each

7. Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon, 35 each

8. Denver and Philadelphia, 31 each

9. Sacramento, California, 30

10. Seattle, 28


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 Maybe the mail carriers should be prohibited from talking non-stop on their blue- tooths, (or is that blue-teeth?)  and focus on their safety and getting the right mail in the right box?  My current carrier scares my dog and me with her loud talking every time she approaches our door,


I feel badly for our mail carriers, who deserve a safer environment. And I am surprised by some of the cities on the list. But I guarantee you that the areas where most attacks occur are all bad neighborhoods. With equally bad dog owners. This kind of problem simply can't get a significant toehold if the residents are kind, responsible, and pro-active. Those type of people take care of their pets, keep their fences secure, don't allow them to wander and breed unchecked, and if they see a loose dog, most will stop to help.  I'm sorry if that statement is not politically correct enough, but I drive for a living and have observed this for decades. 


The dog's are a reflection of the owner. The dog will act like an animal until it is trained to respect the bounderys set by the owner. If you can't control your dog,  you have No business having this dog. The dog is not only a danger to other people,  he is also allowed to be a danger to himself by the owner's ignorrence  If you cared about your dog,  you wouldn't want to be scrapeing him off someone's car tire dead.   I'm a Doberman owner, considered a dangerous dog, this is the dog of my choice. I've never been without one. I Love and Respect this breed. They can be very territorial, a trait I admire.  But being awaare of this, I make sure that they understand that I set the boundaries, Not them.  My territory,  my Rules.   They only do ' What ' they are trained to do.  Growl at strangers, Yes. Chase, No.  Bite,  Never.   Intimidation, glareing, paceing,  Always.  But you don't become fair game until your foot actually hits the ground on her side of the fence.  My dog is for Protection, she  understands what to protect and what to leave.  Owning a dog is like owning a gun, if you're a gun person you just got to have one .Now You have bragging rights to all you're friends, ' I have a gun '   But if you don't know how to load it and control it,  WHAT good is it ???  It could go off any time it's handled. So you Train yourself how to control the gun......so you don't endanger your family, friends or Postman.  [ if you don't follow where I'm going here,  substitute  the word ' dog ' for ' gun ' ]   And... Not to get the NRA in an uproar here because I used the word ' Gun ' instead of something less controversial such as maybe  ' Kitty ',   I also have a Gun.  And the only way anyone will ever take either my  ' dangerous Dog '  or my Gun will be to pry them out of my cold dead hands.    Because ....I accept the Responsibility that goes with owning them.  So, if the Dog owners want their Mail delivered to them by the Postal Service,  control your dogs   OR  the Postal Service should flag your house to protect their carriers and you would have to drag you're butt down to the Post Office everyday and pick you're mail up in person.    


School system obviously needs some work in Houston....."I bitz the MALEMAN"?  Can't see Bob Marley using this homophone. 


Will ANYONE PLEASE tell me WHY?  EVERYTIME there is an incident involving a dog, the first thing the CRITIC's mouth is SPAY AND NEUTER your pets? NOw I currently have 2 siberian huskies, and 4 pekineese at my house, ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN SPAYED AND NEUTERED, and GUESS WHAT YOU BLEEDING HEART MORON's?  YES, that is correct, they ALL STILL HAVE teeth !!!  So, HOW did SPAY AND NEUTER HELP? WHENEVER I see articles like that, it only confirms my belief that

                                  PEOPLE AS A WHOLE, ARE STUPID !!

                      TRAIN YOUR PETS PEOPLE



Since I started jogging a few months ago I've noticed that there's some kind of trend for everyone to leave their dogs on the front porch without a tether or leash on them. I've been chased down by a few of these dogs. if I was a mailman I would leave the house in plate armor.


Agreed! Perhaps if the mail carriers would take the ear buds out they could hear the dogs barking and react! They always blame the dogs and never blame themselves. 


Funny...a spayed and neutered dog is less likely to attack due to a lower hormonal level...without they can be even more territorial and likely to attack because of all the level of hormones there dealing with....Even so...thats less likely...either way its up to the owner to train and disipline there dogs..

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