Houston Astros & Minute Maid Park Begin Process for Covert Name Change

Craig Hlavaty
Yesterday while filming segments for KIAH's "Newsfix" in the monument park at Minute Maid Park, my camera crew and I came across this sign, defaced for your pleasure. It looked as if the sign had been modified for some time, as there were no pieces of the departed "M" near the scene of the hilariously juvenile crime.

Could Minute Laid Park allude to the 'Stros' losing season, where it seems just over the course of a minute we can get screwed, or is incoming owner Jim Crane already working on ballpark brothels, before the sale is even approved by MLB officials? If so, poking fun at the endurance of the men, or women, in the stadium isn't the way to go. We wouldn't mind seeing Junction Jack dressed as a pimp, though...

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