George H.W. Bush Actually Thinks There Are Astro All-Stars

George H.W. Bush did have some good ideas as president -- for one, he didn't invade Iraq just because he thought he could.

But now the dude just seems off his rocker.

In a MLB video that's unembeddable but can be viewed here, Bush encourages fans to vote for the hometeam.

"Together, we can put the Astros in the All-Star Game this summer," he says.

Well.....a) We don't think "we can," and b) Why would we?

Just in case you didn't know -- and there's no reason you should, since you haven't been paying attention to the hapless Astros for at least a year -- here, from the team's Web site, are the players you're being encouraged to vote for:

You pull the trigger on that, Bush Sr. We can't.

But then again, as a non-Tea Party Republican, you've probably held your nose as you've cast a vote plenty of times recently.

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You are aware that by rule there is at least one Astro all-star, right?

Hair Balls
Hair Balls

There has to be. But not necessarily by fan vote in honor of the 2011 season they're having.

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