Foley's in Pictures: Bad Radio, Awful Predictions of What Houston Would Look Like in 2000, and Women's Libbers

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Foley's, a Houston institution, is the subject of the latest paperback from Arcadia Publishing, in a paperback that will be available May 16 on their Web site.

A preview copy of the book shows an interesting look through the store's history, including internal memos dealing with black customers trying to integrate lunch counters and fight other forms of prejudice.

There are also plenty of pictures, and they've let us reproduce some. They're reprinted with permission from Foley's, by Lasker M. Meyer. Available here or by calling 888-313-2665.

For the company's 50th anniversary in 1950, a display pictured what Houston would look like in the year 2000. Notice the rooftop landing for what we have to assume are flying cars. What would have blown these people's minds even more: Showing them who was taking the oath of office in January 2009.

"The gentleman with the mustache is unidentified," the book says. What? The only guy they couldn't identify was a jauntily dressed bowtied man with a pencil-thin mustache? Were there that many of that type running around back in the day?

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Terri Hampton-Luna
Terri Hampton-Luna

I loved working with Lasker Meyer. It was awesome to be a manager that he quizzed when he came to the floor. Nothing like being on top of the market and letting upper management know that you were. Downtown Houston Foley's Federated were some of the best years in my life.

big red
big red

The dapper guy with the mustache sure looks like the biggest parasite in Houston history and the greatest argument for communism that ever lived - The Baron Ricki DiPortanova.


If you are interested in Foley's history, check out the current exhibit of materials from the Foley's collection housed in Special Collections at the University of Houston Library. The exhibit is free and open to the public, and is located on the first and second floors of the library on the main campus.

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