David Barton & Jon Stewart: Good Lord, Rick Perry Made This Guy a Textbook Expert?

David Barton, the rightwing activist who's devoted to "proving" that American history is one big, long panoply of Christian faith, was on the Daily Show this week.

Barton, of course, was appointed an expert by the State Board of Education, with Governor Rick Perry's blessing via Gail Lowe, who he appointed SBOE chair. Keep that in mind as you watch the extended half-hour cut of the interview.

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Larry Linn
Larry Linn

So David Barton claims that he was the ghost writer for theTexas School Board requirements for text books? I am sure that theAfro-Americans in the United States will have trouble accepting that theirconclusion is that there was no slavery, but "Atlantic triangular trade",and the whites were innocent.

Mr. Rogers
Mr. Rogers

David Barton is a joke, the same as the Republican Party is a joke. Barton and the party try to appeal to minorities as stating they arethe party that "freed" the slaves when the Republican Party that is nowis not the same as it was then. Lincoln would rollover in his grave ifhe saw what the party has become. Then they try to push the fact thatout of 315 democratic congressmen, only a 198 voted for the CivilRights bill, WHAT THEY DON"T MENTION is that of the ones who DID NOTvote for it, were considered DIXIECRATS, southern Democrats who weresupported by southern racists. And then as time went on those SouthernRacist Democrat supporters became Republicans as they saw the Democratsas a party that supported civil rights, which with the exception ofDixiecrats was true. The problem is Barton does not indicate this andjust leaves it as Democrats could not fully support it. This is oneexample of false truths and the implementation of leaving facts out,which is what this douchebag does to history to try and rewrite it. Hedoes that here is Texas and trys to blur history while pushing hisChristian agenda on history which is has no place. Those Dixiecratsare what we see today in the Tea Party, direct decendents or the actualracists who were around then. Problem is most do not know they areracists, which makes it the more scary.


Unitarianism in the 1700s was basically the same as today with the views of the Godhead. It was an English movement based from Sociniamism, which, like Arianism, asserted there is no Trinity. The Founders that were Unitarians largely denied the divinity of Jesus, which is a distinctly Socinian view (but certainly not Arian). No divine Jesus = no Godhead.

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