Carlos Beltran and Buyer's Remorse: Something to Make Astro Fans Feel Better

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Carlos Beltran: The Mets admit a mistake.
It's been a disastrous, disheartening season for Astro fans, and it doesn't show any signs of getting better.

So you try to take your bright spots where you can.

Today's semi-bright spot is a frank admission of buyer's remorse on the part of New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon, who outbid the Astros for Carlos Beltran.

In a lengthy New Yorker profile, author Jeffrey Toobin attends a Mets-Astro game with Wilpon, and talk turns to Beltran.

The outfielder was a midseason 2004 pick-up by the Astros, and he had a terrific postseason. He then went on the free-agent market, where the `Stros came up short, a fact which causes some fans to boo him to this day.

Here's what Wilpon says:

When Carlos Beltran came up, I mentioned his prodigious post-season with the Astros in 2004, when he hit eight home runs, just before he went to the Mets as a free agent. Wilpon laughed, not happily. "We had some schmuck in New York who paid him based on that one series," he said, referring to himself. In the course of playing out his seven-year, $119-million contract with the Mets, Beltran, too, has been hobbled by injuries. "He's sixty-five to seventy per cent of what he was." Beltran singled, loading the bases with one out.

So yeah, bright spot. Take what you can get.

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i Want Ed Wade Will Not trade but For Ed Wade Can Get to Acquire Carlos Beltran for the Houston Astros So the Houston Astros Will Need Some Help But for the Houston Astros Can Have two Great Centerfielders Like Michael Bourn And Carlos Beltran Will Give this team to Be title Contenders this year.


I don't begrudge or boo Beltran because he took the most money possible.  I boo him because of the chickensh*t way his agent negotiated.  Throughout the entire process, Satan Boras made it seem like money was only one factor in the decision, but when the final decision was made, money was the only factor.  Also, instead of taking the offer and saying 'I'm signing with the Mets' Beltran opted to stretch the process out to make it appear that the process was a true negotiation giving Houston fans the belief that the Astros actually had a shot at him. 

I know these were all tactics to get Beltran the most money possible, but he didn't just reject the Astros competitive offer (which was probably better once income taxes in New York were applied), he toyed with the fans emotions, and for that I will always hold a grudge.

In the end, I like to think that many of Beltran's injuries and his failure to meet expectations have more to do with karma than anything.  Beltran trounced on the hearts of Houston baseball fans, and in the end karma came back and bit him in the ass.  Too bad karma couldn't rev it up a little and send more misfortune toward Beltran's douchebag agent, Satan Boras.


A Tale of Two CarlosesWhich Carlos would have been the Astros better off with?  Mr. Lee or Mr. Beltran? Drayton showed Carlos Beltran the money, I believe in the excess of $100 million.  And, I believe he fell just a little short of the Met's offer.  Beltran may have netted more in Texas, based on having no state income tax.   Drayon wanted Beltran and went as far as placing a large ad in Beltran's hometown newspaper in Puerto Rico.  The Astros wanted Beltran, but Beltran didn't want us.  Drayton wanted Beltran, pushing four prospects to the Royals.  We, the fans of the playoff stricken 'Stros, wanted Beltran to compliment the Killer B's. 

And we have our Carlos, Carlos Lee.  Who is what he is.  Nothing is guaranteed in baseball, but Carlos did play consistent baseball.  Until recently, he drove in 100 RBI's in seven seasons in a row. And the 2009 season happened. Now, he's still in his...well...slump.  Would we forgive him if he smacked in 90 runs and led the Astros to playoff?  Yes, that's a very big, what if question.  I suprised my laptop didn't crash when I typed in "Astros" and playoffs in the same paragraph.   This Carlos wanted to play for the 'Stros.

Based on similiar salaries of the two Carloses, and the simliar "disappointments", I feel we have the right Carlos, yes Carlos Lee.  And this is a "semi-bright spot" in otherwise bad season.  It could been worse, Lee could've fallen off an exercise bike (or playing pick-up basketball).  And missed the entire season, and be paid to warm the bench (ie. Moises Alou, '97 World Series MVP, Astros not so MVP).


 Booing a player for taking a better offer makes about as much sense to me as wearing furry full body costumes to baseball games (unless you are paid by the team to do so, and even then it can be shaky)

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