Bin Laden SEAL Team Included Dog: Five Other Famous Fightin' Pooches

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Sergeant Stubby shows off his medals
The SEAL team that took out Osama Bin Laden included, it's been revealed, a dog.

Few details have emerged, but it's likely the animal was used to sniff out explosives or hidden rooms.

He joins the ranks of military dogs that have earned fame, or at least he (or she?) will if a name is ever released.

Here are five famous fightin' pooches:

5. Nemo
In 1966, at America's Tan Son Nhut airbase in Vietnam, airman Robert Throneburg was on security detail with his sentry dog Nemo. The German Shepherd sniffed out some Viet Cong in hiding for a coming attack on the base.

Throneburg was hit as he exchanged fire with the enemy; Nemo stayed by his side until help arrived, keeping the VC soldiers at bay and getting hit in the eye by a bullet. He was rewarded with retirement and a special cage at Lackland AFB in Florida near San Antonio.

N, please
4. N-word
The Dam Busters is a classic WWII movie about RAF pilots who flew a specialized, highly dangerous mission to use skipbombs to blow up German dams. The airmen, in real life and in the movie, bonded emotionally with the outfit's pet dog, who died after being hit by a car the day before the mission. The dog's name was the code word sent back to England to notify higher-ups of success.

Unfortunately enough, the dog's name was Nigger. Because of wacky British humor and general attitudes towards dirty colonials, we suppose. It's sprinkled heavily throughout the movie, but is usually censored out these days.

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