Annise Parker: Lamest "Gay Agenda" Ever

Shockingly, Dave Wilson is outraged.
Dave Wilson, the homophobe who did everything he could to derail Annise Parker's mayoral race, is at it again, mass-mailing people to try to drum up a candidate to oppose her re-election, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Wilson says Parker has promoted a "gay agenda" and lists such examples as, the Chron says:

-- Parker appointed Phyllis Frye, a transgender attorney born as Phillip Frye, as a municipal court judge.

-- Parker signed an executive order that prohibits city employees from blocking any employee or member of the public's access to a city restroom "that is consistent with and appropriate to that person's expression of gender identity." Wilson described the order in his letter as one that "allows men dressed as women to use the women's restroom."

-- Parker has, in Wilson's words, "carved out a new council district for homosexuals (District C)."

Speaking as a straight dude, this is the lamest gay agenda since the last meeting of the Gay Accountants Who Love the Twilight Series.

No forced gay marriages? No indoctrinating little kids into "the lifestyle" during city summer camps? No demands for a return of the WNBA to Houston?

Frankly, we're disappointed. Phyllis Frye might be enough to raise Dave Wilson's hackles, but we want more.

We expect:

-- City-sponsored outdoor block parties to watch Project Runway episodes directly in front of Dave Wilson's house.

-- Change the name of Hermann Park to He-Man Park, and replace Sam Houston's statue with a loincloth-clad muscleman that oils itself automatically and has a conspicuous bulge. He is pointing towards the Ripcord, of course.

-- The city councilmember elected from District C will also represent Dave Wilson, no matter where he lives.

-- Light rail will henceforth be referred to in all city documents as "The L Word."

Do all that, maybe we'll get on board with Wilson. Maybe.

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LOL!  Good grief, Mr. Wilson is promoting homophobic agenda.  Really, have worked with many gays over the decades.  No one had an agenda, secret plot, whatever.  Actually, all were really dedicated to their professions and very caring/consciencious (sp) toward others.  Mr. Wilson needs to find his gay side!  It might make him a better person.  I'm straight....not paranoid!


That you so much for the clarification of your sexual orientation.

I did not know how to feel about you until you came forward with that information.


No agenda.Just a list of items like same sex marriage, man boy love, et al.

Larry Lingle
Larry Lingle

"Man boy love" and NAMBLA went out with the 1960s, whereas gay marriage is roaring in with the new century and despite Jomana and her ilk it will be a fact throughout the nation by the end of this decade.  The socalled "gay agenda" is laughable if only from the point of view that it is extremely difficult to unit such a diverse group and the GLBT community.  That such unity was achieved on DADT and gay marriage is a major feat.  And gay marriage in New York passed with the significant help of the governor of that state, the mayor of New York (once a Republican at least and a billionaire) and finally with the courageous votes of five Republican state senators despite of the radicals on the right.  The only thing radical about the gay and lesbian movement is that within my lifetime (75 years) I have gone from being mentally ill and an outlaw to a sound, productive member of our society.  

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