A&E Airing Reality Series on Flipping Houses in Houston

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Flip it, Houston.
You might have thought the real estate implosion would mark the end of those "house-flipping" TV shows, where someone buys a fixer-upper, fixer-uppers it and then makes a huuuuge profit selling it to a beaming couple.

The genre, it seems, cannot be killed.

Adweek reports that the A&E Network has greenlighted Flipped, which features the host "buying up houses at a discount in Houston, Texas, renovating them, and trying to sell them off at a profit."

The host is "three-time former Survivor contestant Russell Hantz," which proves conclusively that you can be a three-time former Survivor contestant and we will have never heard of you.

The show is expected to air this fall.

A&E admits to Adweek that the housing market isn't the same these days, but Flipped will have a different feel from similar shows from five years ago.

Sources at the network say that the new show will focus less on the lavish riches to be earned from the housing trade (perhaps a theme better-suited to the 2005 housing market) and more on the challenges presented by trying to make a profit on renovated housing in one of the worst markets in decades.

Sounds fun!!!

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Brent Jatko
Brent Jatko

 70's apartment tear-downs! What's not to love? ! What's not to love? 

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