Sherri Lynn Davis, America's Fightin' Teacher, Gets Deferred Adjudication

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Sherri Lynn Davis got more than her 15 minutes of fame (in web terms, at least) when video of her whaling on a student went viral.

She parlayed it into an appearance on Good Morning America, where she took responsibility for losing her temper but blamed a chronically chaotic atmosphere at Jamie's House Charter School in the northwest part of Harris County.

She's come to a plea agreement on charges of injury to a child, and if she successfully completes a five-year probation, the charges will be dropped via a deferred adjudication.

Oh, and she has to pay a $130 fine.

Davis and the school are still being sued by the parent of the child in the video. Court documents show the defendants claimed state law made them immune to any damages and asked for a summary judgment, but the case continues.

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Hood Rat
Hood Rat

She should never be allowed to work in a school in any capacity ever again.


What's all this talk about taping? I'm glad the kids who did this videotaping were asked to hand over the cassettes from this taping. Let's hope someone's made a transfer of these tapes, or they could be lost. Fox 26, I know we can trust you to keep them away from magnets.


Probably shouldn't have hit the child - but who wants to bet me $5 the child needed it! AND BE HONEST - you know you all are thinking the same thing I just said.

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