Sheriff's Office: No Bomb, Just World's Oldest Practical Joke

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Here's an official police statement you don't get every day.

To get the full flavor, just read it verbatim:

This morning at 6:30 a.m., HCSO deputies responded to an alarm call at 13600 Treebank in northwest Harris County. Upon arrival, deputies observed the front door ajar. As deputies made entry into the home, a bucket that was placed on the top of the door filled with an unknown liquid, fell striking a deputy on the shoulder and splashing onto the other deputies.

As a safety precaution, deputies retreated from the home and called for backup as well as the bomb squad in case there were any other dangerous devices inside the home. None were found.

The liquid was confirmed to be water. No injuries were reported. No one was taken into custody.

We're of course glad no one got hurt, and these days you never know what that liquid might have been.

We are shocked to learn, however, that people still do the water-bucket-on-door trick, which we thought went out with the Three Stooges. The Internet, of course, reveals that is not so, although most of the video shows it never works like it does in the movies.

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Sgt. Stedenko
Sgt. Stedenko

There could be a whoopie cushion in there!! Call SWAT!!!

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