Ronald Washington: Slices Woman With Machete, Douses Her With Gasoline, Then Gets Arrested When He Files a Report

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Ronald Washington felt aggrieved.
If we take the Harris County Sheriff's Office at its word, then Ronald Washington got into a fight with the mother of his six-month-old baby, a fight that included swiping at her with a machete, dousing her with gasoline and driving off with the kid in the car.

He wasn't difficult to track down, however: Deputies arrested him when he went to them to file assault charges against the woman. ("Some of the gasoline splashed off her and onto me!!" must have been the allegation.)

Washington, 41, has been charged with aggravated assault of a family member with a deadly weapon.

The HCSO says Washington called the woman -- whose name was not relased -- on April 12, asking to see the child. She drove to his house in the 7100 block of Mt. Houston Road.

And then, well:

The suspect approached the victim's vehicle and began arguing with her. The woman tried to leave but Washington reached into her car, took the keys and walked away. The woman began yelling at Washington trying to get her keys back. That's when Washington returned with a machete in his hand and began attacking the woman with the baby sitting in her lap. In an attempt to protect her child from the machete-yielding suspect, the victim put the baby on the passenger's side floorboard.

At some point the victim was able to escape out of the vehicle from the passenger door. As she was running, the suspect caught up with her, continued attacking her with the machete and doused her with gasoline.

She managed to escape and flag down help as Washington drove off.

But that wasn't the end of his bad decisions, according to HCSO: "Ronald Washington was arrested the next day after he attempted to file a report at an HCSO storefront, claiming he had been attacked by the mother of his child," the agency says. "He is currently at the Harris County jail."

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Brandon Morgan
Brandon Morgan

Why hasn't he been polygraphed?  Don't we live in the tech age?  Find out the truth then go from there.  Polygraph everyone involved then you can start pressing charges.

Figgy Jones
Figgy Jones

Go, Harris County Sheriff's Office, go!! Nice to see an O. Henry twist ending. Except that **kface likely will come back at her harder next time. Domestic violence is a tough nut; hard to prevent and enforce against.


It sounds like she made it up or at least made it out to be more than it was. After all, HE went to the police to file a report on her. I know him and he is a very level headed professional man.


I know him too from years ago.  I'm not sure what his side of the story was nor the extent of their relationship.  I do know that a man/woman is capable of anything and we should not assume the details nor what a person is capable of doing.  He may have snapped.  Whatever the case may be no one deserves to be attacked like this or in any manner.  I pray for him to repent if he did this and ask for forgiveness from God.  For her I pray she forgives him and ask God to heal her spiritually and emotionally.  As a woman we all need to be careful when dating and ask God "Is this man the one for me?"  Whatever God's answer is we should obey.  I am surprised to learn he did this and thanking God I ended it when I did.

J.P. Travis
J.P. Travis

Wouldn't be the first time a woman lied in a custody dispute. That's pretty much the norm. A reasonable man has to wonder how she managed to survive two machete attacks. I knew a man who woke up when he felt sharp pains in his arm and discovered his girlfriend was cutting him with a razor blade while he slept. She was jealous about some other woman at a party they'd been to. He got angry and tried to leave, she grabbed at him, he pulled away, and she broke a fingernail off trying to hold on. Who do you think the police arrested? Him. "They both had injuries" is what the police said, so the man gets arrested.


I know him also, I hope the story is untrue and that it all works out in the end . Hard to believe to say the least!

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