Buy Ron Paul's House!! (You Can Donate It As a Historical Building Later)

The swimming hole of liberty (Pool noodles not included)
Congressman Ron Paul, everyone's favorite presidential candidate (in terms of entertainment value), is selling his longtime Lake Jackson home.

He's got a Web site ( about it and everything.

"Generations of Liberty loving kids have grown up here, and you can continue the tradition," says the site.

Added bonus: It also contains the home office for Paul's gynecological practice.

You too can trod the path walked by one of the political thinkers of our time, if we may used a decidedly neutral description.

Here's the description:
5,500 square feet house with 4 bedrooms, 2 with lofts, 5 bathrooms, an oversize pool, a large office with built-in book shelves, 2 car garage, a formal dining room, living room, family room, and a craft room. Ron and Carol lived there for 42 years, lots of great memories in this house. 50 minutes to Houston, 10 minutes from Surfside Beach.

Asking price is a mere $325,000. Warning: You may eventually be pressured into donating it for use as a museum once Paul's two presidential terms are over.

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The listing fails to mention the large and very secure vault in the basement, as Mr. Paul converted all of his substantial earnings into gold bullion.


The whole house leans to the right, and no amount of logic has been able to repair the damage.

Liberty loving kid
Liberty loving kid

I looked at the site: "generations of Liberty loving kids grew up here" -- they really love the town of Liberty, or have they gone all German on us and are capitalizing every noun?

Also, nowhere do they show the INSIDE of the house, it's all shots of a pretty pedestrian-looking pool and backyard. So that's 5,500 square feet, none of which is worth featuring in a photo...wonder if his political agenda is that hidden too? Ya THINK??


You probably couldn't even find the front door.

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