Rendez-Vous Houston, 25 Years Later: Some Memories

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Today was the 25th anniversary of Rendez-Vous Houston, a massive downtown concert/light show put on by Jean Michel Jarre.

Foul weather hampered the effort to set up the concert, and a massive traffic jam followed it. But Houstonians seemed to love it. (Although we don't quite believe this line from the wikipedia entry about the cars that stopped on I-45 to watch, who allegedly "applauded, wept and laughed." Who knows, maybe someone did cry.)

We asked on our Facebook page for memories of the event, and readers came through.

R. Clayton McKee
Had a wonderful spot on the roof of a parking garage in Memorial. Set up the cameras on tripods and the simulcast on the radio; listened and enjoyed and shot fifteen rolls of excellent pictures.

All of which were ruined by a lab tech who fed them into the wrong film processor.

Joanie JoJo
was there with a group of friends on our cruisers....we sat on top of a beer truck and had a GREAT view ~ didnt hurt that we were tripping on mushrooms

Suz Warren
I was there with friends. I had just discovered Jarre's music and was in heaven. We watched sporadically as we had to avoid building security. Employees like us had been planning for weeks to watch the show from our roof. The day of, the building owners decided no one would be permitted and hired extra security. The building was key card access, so there were no strangers in the building. We had to go floor to floor to see the show, carrying our transister radios with us. And what a traffic jam!

Rodney Walsworth
I was in a production of "The Birds" at The Ensemble Theatre. We performed the show that night for an audience of five. So, I missed it.

Christina Solis
I was there!! Sat on the lawn on Allen Parkway with my siblings. It was amazing. Especially because there seemed to be no particular reason for it other than to show off. I loved seeing everyone on 45 just stop and watch.

And, of course:
Bg Graves
That's was 25 years ago? JEEZ!!

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I was just about 10 when this concert happened... It is still a wonderful memory. And yes people did cry during the tribute to NASA as the Challenger explosion had happened within a few days or weeks of the concert. It was the most awesome concert I think I might ever experience.

I was 8
I was 8

very clearly remember a tribute to Louis Armstrong...and Nasa. can someone concur?


I remember the cars parked on I-45. If anyone wept it was probably a schizo homeless man or something.

Scott Bodenheimer
Scott Bodenheimer

I was in the park on the slope below YWCA building. The most amazing thing about it was how so many people were still and focused. I do remember the cars stopped on the freeway and people sitting along the guardrail.


I do remember the Houston Fire Marshall coming out the next day and saying something like they nevewr would have allowed it if they new how big the fire works were going to be. Hahaha. I thought that was hilarious.


wow 25 years ago. I remember the French lady screaming into the mike "henri are you ghready? Fracouise are you ghready?" and then all kinds of shit broke loose. I was high as a kite and with a whole crowd of friends . . . those were some days . . .

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