Beaumont ISD Spokeswoman Jessie Haynes Calls Media Racist, Says School Board Candidates Are Criminals

Beaumont's KDFM has been reporting on the saga of Jessie Haynes, the $101,000-a-year spokesperson for the city's school district.

Haynes certainly has an interesting take on how to do her job. In the above clip, she introduces her newest aide at a press conference where she says the guy, who's white, will have an easier time of it than her because the press only criticizes black school officials. Note the priceless look on the guy's face as she says it -- he's very quickly wondering what the hell he's gotten into with this new gig.

Haynes then went on to say three candidates for the school board have criminal records that aren't being reported on, which again is not the sort of thing you typically hear from a school board spokesman.

The candidates have called on her to resign; one said Haynes was confusing her with another woman, a second candidate said he had criminal charges filed and dismissed against him.

Fun times.

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Sometimes the bias is there, even if people don't verbalize it with tact or class.

Ralphy Evans
Ralphy Evans

I wonder if she was able to pry her foot out of her mouth?

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