Google Street View, Houston Circa 1891 and 1912

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Milam & Pease: Current home of the Houston Press
We seem to be all about the zooming in on graphics today.

A site called BigMapBlog apparently specializes in adapting old bird's-eye map illustrations of cities into Google Street View-like zoomability. They've got Fort Worth in 1891 and Amarillo in 1912, and they've got Houston for both years.

The intersection of Travis & Texas avenues, 1912
Right by the horse-drawn cart above, by the way, are the rails for the Interurban Railway, which took people between Galveston and Houston.

Hop on downtown, and after a leisurely trip through the countryside, you're in the downtown of the other city.

Many of the street names on the maps no longer exist, so it can be difficult to locate modern equivalents, but it's still fun to try out.

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I like the old Houston Post building right across the street from the Chron.


And what does Richard Connelly do when he leaves the Press office?

He goes to the corner of Milam, and Pease. (rimshot)

And why is he cooler when he gets on the Metro Rail going south?

Because it goes out Fannin. (bah dum dum)

Tenkyu, tenkyu, you're a great crowd tonight.


Hey these versions of Sim City don't work on my computer?

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