NFL Draft Liveblogging, Starring Sean Pendergast

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Rick Smith, you shall be judged immediately
The topic that has dominated sports talk radio lately -- at least in a city such as Houston that is experiencing a severe drought in anything worthwhile to talk about for its current franchises -- is the NFL Draft.

It has turned into an off-season Lollapalooza for NFL nuts, who all make their own mock drafts and argue passionately over the upside of some left tackle from Iowa. Or whether some Sun Conference safety has "character issues."

The NFL has stretched events out to almost unimaginable length, but the first round -- the glamor round -- is tonight.

And our own Sean Pendergast, who will be broadcasting on 1560 The Game along with ultimate draft geek Lance Zierlein, will be liveblogging events for us here at Hair Balls.

It all begins officially at 7 p.m., but check back before that and keep coming back as we see which teams choke and which shine.

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little more than 2 hours for NFL football to back on the big stage. Can not wait!

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