TV Party: Dress Codes at Bars?

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On last night's "Between The Lines" on CW 39's Newsfix, you get a bit of the background related to the past cover story we ran, "Getting Past the Bouncer," that was spun off the Hudson Lounge debacle that started over Christmas 2010 and reached a head in early January.

You probably remember the torrent of blogs and angry words that came after the Hudson incident went down. Our feature shed light on other bars in town who have had similar allegations of racism, and we profiled a few minorities in town and their misadventures at some of the more exclusive watering holes in Houston.

In this clip, I lament the fact that women can wear what they want to bars, but we men are held to a much higher standard, making it hard for us to show enough skin to get free drinks in straight bars at least. Also, I was very nervous and full of coffee and Red Bull. You can hear the flop sweat.

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If you're serving tecate, dos equis, and other imported mexican drinks, you need to have your head examined. You'll get the wrong kind of crowd. And a business can do what it wants. They have rights. They can let in who they want. A club is a privately-owned business and not a public place. A lot of minorities don't get it.

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