George Zimmer Will No Longer Head Men's Wearhouse; Five Ads to Mourn the End of an Era

Houston's own Men's Wearhouse has announced that after almost 40 years in charge -- and almost that long bedeviling TV viewers -- George Zimmer is stepping down as CEO.

Zimmer started the company in Houston in 1973, and now blankets America with his "You're going to like the way you look; I guarantee it." He'll still have a role in the company, and will no doubt continue to appear in ads, but it's the end of an era.

A trip down Men's Wearhouse memory lane:

5. From the classic era
Lovely wood paneling throughout the store, dude.

Men's Wearhouse by weatherguru76

4. Here the hair is starting to look a little, how you say, "wiggy"?
But it doesn't affect the guarantee.

3. The stern voice of bargain-suit justice
A righteous Zimmer takes on Macy's and leaves them whimpering in the sand.

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Commercials that were so much better and less annoying than those two local clothes jerks who bring in hot chicks and high five each other to sell stuff. Really obnoxious.

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