Mark Cuban Hit In The Face With Flying Projectile; Video of Five Times He Deserved It

Mark Cuban: We have the video evidence
Apparently, at the end of Game 3 of the Maversicks-Blazers series on Thursday night in Portland, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was pegged in the face with a mysterious unidentified object. While I don't condone the anonymous launching of projectiles at anyone when they're not looking (If they're looking, it's perfectly okay.), predictably Cuban himself was part of the problem.

According to ESPN Dallas, Cuban was "interacting with fans in the section behind the Mavericks' bench" throughout the game, a 97-92 Mavs loss:

"I don't know what it was, but something hit me in the face," said Cuban, who encouraged fans to boo him more by putting his hand by his ear.

As big a tool as Cuban can appear to be sometimes (I say APPEAR to be because I'd take him as an owner of one of my teams in a second), it begs the question: How did it take this long for someone to drill Cuban in the face with a random object?

I can list and provide video for at least five other instances where it would have been justified to take dead aim at Cuban with a soda, beer, brick, or battery.

5. Cuban on Entourage

Aside from the fact that his acting is piss-poor porno quality, Cuban ultimately is trying to fuck Marcelino from Seinfeld out of his family's tequila factory. Not cool.

4. Cuban throwing a Gatorade jug

Look! Mark Cuban himself throws shit at games! What's good for the annoying owner is good for the annoyed fan!

3. Cuban cusses at Kenyon Martin

A few years ago when the Mavs met the Nuggets in the playoffs, Cuban decided to take it upon himself to tell Kenyon Martin's mom what a thug her son is. While he may be right about that, dragging someone's mother into the mix, and talking about her baby boy no less...well, that's grounds for a warm, foamy Budweiser upside the skull.

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