Jesus Walks: Way Of The Cross Traverses Downtown Houston

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Craig Hlavaty
Lunch-hour drivers in Downtown Houston got a dash of religion this Good Friday afternoon through Midtown with St. Basil Chapel's "Way Of The Cross" walk. Essentially a two-mile church crawl, the walk saw the members of the chapel visiting four religious stations through town, ending at Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on San Jacinto.


Hair Balls was out and about running errands when we saw the line of people off Milam around 12:30 p.m. with a man holding a sturdy cross in the front of the procession. Attendants in yellow shirts kept the line off the road and handed out water to the orderly crowd. We saw strollers, wheelchairs, and believers of all ages. Our estimate put the number of people at about 300 strong.

As a reminder of the holiday, the walk served its hallowed purpose, and probably aggravated more than a few midday commuters. At first we weren't even sure what was going on, until we saw the cross leading the line. For more information on the walk, check out St. Basil's website here.

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would that be St. Thomas' St. Basil chapel? the link sends readers to a Greek Orthodox church...don't think they would wind up at the Co-Cathedral....just a thought...


At a church up on 290 near the beltway they thought a good way to celebrate would be to crucify a couple 7 year old kids.

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