The Five Hottest Presidential Mistresses (Not Including Marilyn Monroe)

The item we did earlier this week on the five horniest presidents included research that could lead us to conclude either one of two things:


a) America's presidential mistresses don't photograph well or are painted badly, or

b) Not many of them are what you'd call "hot."

Still, it's possible to definitely declare for all time the five hottest presidential mistresses. So we shall do so.

5. Sally Hemings

No pictures exist of Thomas Jefferson's concubine, but since Jefferson was alleged to be a man of refined tastes, we are perfectly willing to accept that she looks like Thandie Newton, who, with the help of some cleavage, portrayed her in Jefferson in Paris.

4. Kay Summersby

Well, it was wartime. And to be sure, Dwight Eisenhower's paramour was a step up from the dowdy Mamie. But mostly, it was wartime.

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Sally Hennings was not a mistress, she was a victim. She could not say No, given the fact that he was the master and she was the slave. Just sayin'


One could argue Clinton's taste went down hill with age and/or power, but when he was Gov. of Arkansas, Elizabeth Ward Gracen was pretty hot...

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