The Five Hottest Presidential Daughters

Continuing on with our C-SPANish investigation into White House sex and beauty (five horniest presidents here, five hottest presidential mistresses here), we now take time to examine the five hottest presidential daughters.

Once again, time has not been kind to pre-20th Century candidates. Either pictures are unflattering or they don't exist. So we make do with what we have, and remember -- this ranking applies only to their time in the White House, not youngsters who might have grown into beautiful women.

5. Susan Ford
Gerald Ford didn't accomplish much during his administration beyond pardoning Richard Nixon (and asking everyone to sport "Whip Inflation Now" buttons), but he did give the nation a chance to see his daughter Susan. The Fords were a family who knew how to party, and Susan was no exception. She eventually ended up marrying one of her former Secret Service escorts, for what it's worth.

4. Alice Roosevelt

Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Teddy and his first, doomed wife, became a dominant force in Washington social circles for decades. She had an acid wit, a gossipy tongue and knew how to stir things up. And hey, back in the day, she was a bit of a looker herself.

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Kinda like when the HPress noted the hottest female child molesters. Oh wait, that was in an effort to raise public consciousness, not mere exploitation like this puff piece.


You had me until Jenna Bush. She makes me want to throw things.


I heard that Chester A. Arthur had a pretty good looking daughter as well.


Website filler right here, folks.

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