For Sale: LBJ's Old Montrose Digs

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LBJ's Houston home: Where "Jumbo" no doubt got an airing
While Hair Balls has been going all Doris Kearns Goodwin with our presidential history, we might as well tell you that LBJ's one-time Montrose crash pad is on the block.

The 107-year-old white clapboard home is at 435 Hawthorne or 3411 Garrott, depending on which of the property's two addresses is used. It sports a garage apartment, three bedrooms and 1.5 baths. The owner -- LBJ's cousin Lauren Askew -- is asking $425,000.

Askew told the Houston Chronicle that she couldn't find any relatives who wanted to live in the house, so she reluctantly put it on the market. It's been in the family for more than 90 years, she said.

Johnson lived there after graduating from Southwest Texas State. He was teaching school at Sam Houston High School at the time, which was then a tough school downtown. (It's now an even tougher school deep in the North Side.) Johnson whipped his charges into a top-notch debate team; in some of his biographies, his former students spoke very highly of Mr. Johnson's ability to instill in them confidence and pride. He knew how to reach those dead-end kids, apparently.

And now you can own the home wherein the future 36th president crafted those Anglo Stand and Deliver lesson plans.

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Wow. That area has some great homes. Too bad I work in non-profit. :)

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