Sheriff's Gang and DWI Crackdown Near Flea Market Yields 16 Arrests, 120 Tickets

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Who doesn't love a flea market? People who are arrested there.
Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff's Office targeted an area near a popular northside flea market this weekend and made 16 arrests and gave out 120 tickets.

It was a combined DWI and anti-gang initiative, a spokesperson said, and was concentrated on a flea market at Aldine and West Gulf Bank Road Sunday.

"This area is very active when it comes to the sale of narcotics, public intoxication and gang activity," said HCSO Chief Kevin Maples. "This is a place where a lot of families come to on the weekend, so we're just trying to make sure the environment here is safe for them to continue to do so."

"HCSO deputies identified more than 50 gang members belonging to seven different gangs" during the daylong operation, the office announced.

"That's a very high concentration of gang members in any one given area," Maples said.

Four people were arrested for DWI, HCSO said, all of whom were more than two and a half times over the limit.

Other arrests:

·-- 62 traffic citations with a total of 125 traffic violations

-- One felony forgery of a government document

-- Six possession of marijuana or a controlled substance

-- Two driving while license is suspended

-- Three warrant arrests

-- Two alcohol beverage code violations

HCSP video of the operation:

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Bill Kneer
Bill Kneer

Great JOB, it's about time someone takes the responsibility of cleaning up our streets from the thugs. But lets not make this a one time thing for a little press coverage. Lets make this the way of life in the Sheriffs office..


BUT did they actually shoot any fish in the barrel?


That Poor Tax works like a charm, don't it? I say we take it one step further, take a deep breath, and bomb the piss out of Willowridge High School.


Side Show Bob
Side Show Bob

Lockem up boys they gotta go, hopefully some immigration violations too. Thanks HCSO

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