FCC Approves Sale of KTRU to UH

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Brittanie Shey
No go for no-sale people.
You couldn't call it unexpected: The FCC has approved the sale of Rice's legendary KTRU-FM to the University of Houston, which plans to change it from über-eclecticism to classical music.

Despite rallies, protests and formal filings urging the Federal Communications Commission to reject the proposed sale, the agency gave it the okay today.

Head on over to our sister blog Rocks Off for more details, including a copy of the decision.

Party's over, folks.

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what? serious? another station with a classical music format? they can't get enough listeners on kuhf, for christ sake. what are they thinking?

Mark Jeffries
Mark Jeffries

If you had been reading everything on this, you would've known that UH's plan is to move the classical music programming to 91.7 and make KUHF a news-talk station, like many other NPR stations.

Of course, the fact that you don't use proper capitalization already speaks volumes about the dumbing down of our educational system and society in general.


I'll give you your first point, but the second point makes you look like a curmudgeon.

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