En Wang: Yes, a Man Named Wang Gets Three Years for Selling Fake Viagra

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A satisfied customer
En Wang is one great name to put on a business card, especially if you're selling fake Viagra. And since your company is called Jiao Long USAO, you can get even more creative and emphasize some words.

Wang isn't around to hear this advice, however; he is on the run. That didn't stop him from getting sentenced to 33 months in absentia today for selling large amounts of fake boner pills.

Wang was convicted in September, made bond and then fled the country. He flew to Mexico, and from there returned to China, officials say.

His fake pills "contained a substance used to manufacture sheetrock," federal prosecutors say. Come on, there's a reason it's got "rock" as part of the name, right?

Thousands of pills were either intercepted on the way or delivered to Wang's home on the far west side of town, prosecutors said.

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buy sarms
buy sarms

doubt he will serve any hard time :-)

Tunnel Mole
Tunnel Mole

I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm...never mind. It's been done to death


My wang can't chung with En Wang on the run.


I guess he really pulled a boner.

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