One Texas State Senator Votes Against New Anti-Bullying Bill

Say no to anti-bullying bills
Houston State Senator John Whitmire's anti-bullying bill passed by a 30-1 vote today.

SB 205 defines cyberbullying and sets out -- say what now? Someone voted in favor of bullying?

Not exactly. Jane Nelson, a Republican from the Dallas suburb of Flower Mound, did indeed vote against the bill.

She's a former teacher who loved to watch little kids get picked on so she has some definite ideas on public education.

"School districts should be encouraged to develop policies against bullying, and I believe the provisions of those policies are best determined by school officials at the local level," she told Hair Balls through her press spokesperson.

Bullying has become a growing issue; in Houston the case of Asher Brown has especially drawn attention.

Whitmire's bill requires district to prepare policies to handle bullying.

"Without the proper recognitions and interventions these events can lead to the worst-case scenario of bullycide, as we have so painfully learned in my Houston district," he said when he intorduced the legislation.

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Damen Roy
Damen Roy

Who loved to watch little kids get picked on!!! LOL!!! >=)) This article and the comments!!! Hilarious!


If local school districts had policies this wouldn't be needed. The problem is they don't so the state has to step up and put them there. Her answer is a cop out.


Is this column bullying her for not voting for it?


yeah, cause you know, criticizing and bullying are the same thing.

hence the biggest bullies are critics.

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