Welcome to the Dollhouse: HAR Listing Photos Overwhelmed by Dolls

Categories: Surreal Estate

Um, we saw an, uh, movie kinda like this.
Looking at the exterior photo of 7706 Valley View Lane on the Houston Association of Realtors Web site, everything seems completely normal. One look at the photo gallery tells a different tale.

In what has got to be one of the strangest things in a house photo since that big black dildo on the back of the toilet comes this crazy house of dolls. The listing seems like it ought to read, "Stunning Mid-Century Modern home w/Lead Glass Doors welcoming you into your living area featuring the sunken Living Room & Bricked Fireplace, Lots of Windows...OMG DOLLS!"

In virtually every room, there is at least one doll. Even in the kitchen, there is a sad raggedy doll just flopped on the counter. Given the home's current inhabitants, we recommend the blessing of a shaman or at least an exorcism before the new owners move in.

More pics after the jump.

Doll at foot of bed. Check. Doll hanging from dream catcher. EW!

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Egads. Coulda made the bed and cleaned the kitchen for sale pics? Not to mention the dolls.


Is that a doll coffin on the last pic???

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