Ten Vintage St. Patrick's Day Cards with a Modern Twist

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Thursday is St. Patrick's Day, a day in which everyone can become Jose O'Gonzalez or Ron O'Kopecky if they wish as the world turns Irish for once a year to commemorate Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Most people who will be tipping a glass or soiling a toilet on March 17 will have no idea what the origins are of this drinking holiday, making it a truly American event, like Christmas or Martin Luther King Day. Most people probably think that it's about snakes or something, but you are mistaking an old Simpsons episode for reality, which is understandable.

Hair Balls uncovered a few vintage greeting cards from the early days of St. Paddy's Day, and came to find out that even back in our great-grandparents' time, they loved House of Pain and would LOL at anything they could.





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These were awesome! Tk U

Patti O'Furniture
Patti O'Furniture

A swift rap on ye knuckles, Mr. O'Hlavaty, and two Hail Marys! For shame!

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