TV Party: Pay Attention and The Sheening!

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On last night's edition of my Newsfix segment "Between The Lines," I vented about people who would rather play on their cellphones and update all ten of their social media outlets than have a cherished moment with their friends.

It's something even I grapple with in my own life. In fact, I just tweeted, Tumbled, Facebooked, texted, Google Talked and e-mailed while I was writing this. Look! I just did it again.

My point is that your time with your friends and family should be precious, because you don't know when they could be taken away from you. It's always disconcerting to look around a restaurant and see a family of five with their heads buried in their phones, with even the grandmother checking her e-mail. No one can possibly be that popular or important.

Hold on, my phone is vibrating.

Also airing earlier this week was my take on the Charlie Sheen saga, which was filmed just as the situation was reaching its zenith in early March. I got really sick of the whole #winning thing, with that phrase, and "tiger's blood" being used ad nauseam by everyone trying to sound hip and with it.

People were misusing both of them, too. If you got a good parking at the grocery store, it means you were in the right place at the right time, not that you are #winning some cosmic game, like Sheen thought he was. Leave the crazy to the pros.

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All my buddies are people I know digitally. I save money: no wine and food expense.We share ideas. We share pics, And sound.And I never leave my bed or coffee table.Never shed my PJ's. Open or close the door.Concerts and meals? Streamed in, live-er than live.We do the digital rock, hokey-pokey, no real steam nowadays.Man's not an Island? John Donne was a lyin'.


My best friend's Iphone is surgically attached to his hand. Sometimes I feel like schmacking a fool.


Sometimes those precious moments with friends are over the various social networks. As someone temporarily far from Houston, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc have been invaluable in letting me maintain those important friendships.

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