The Definitive Duke Basketball Flopping Anthology (with VIDEO)

Flopping like it's the World Cup
The calendar flip-over from February to March has a definitive feel to it, different than most "calendar flips." Most of them tend to blend into one another, but March 1 definitely feels like the beginning of something.

Most will say it feels like renewal with spring coming up. Good weather puts everyone in a great mood. Some will point to the bustle of the rodeo or the debauchery of Mardi Gras as the reason for the extra hop in their step.

For me it comes down to one thing -- hatred.

March is my time of year to hate the Duke Blue Devils. And you know I'm not alone. Thousands of right-thinking people everywhere hate the Duke Blue Devils. We hate the floor slapping, we hate the ugly coeds painted up like a circus clown, we hate Collins and Wojo, we hate Coach K and his bottomless bottle of Grecian formula.

And above all else, we hate the flopping.

Right about now is where Duke fans will point out how Coach K and Duke do everything "the right way," to which my response is, inherently if you feel the need to turn the basketball court into some Broadway stage show with physical acting and pratfalls that would make Jack Tripper jealous, then you're not doing "everything right."

Sure, your "student-athletes" supposedly go to class, take their exams, and by and large conduct themselves like good citizens.

Too bad.

If the price to pay to have a non-flopping five on the floor is a few convenience stores getting robbed at gunpoint, then I say, "stick 'em up!" Because the acts taking place in the embedded videos below, to my basketball-heightened sensibilities, are far more offensive than any mugshot or rap sheet.

So today begins the month of March. My month of hatred. Let the games begin!




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I've been to a an actual practice. Coach K emphasizes to his players to take whatever the refs will give you. He actually tells them to flop if the opportunity presents itself. "Sell it!" he says.

This is just part of the game, like rubbin in racing. If you hate Duke for this it's just because your team sucks at it. Duke gets the calls like Jordan and Kobe because they are good year in and year out. It's called the benefit of the doubt.


Gotta say, I am forced to side with your "detractors" from yesterday. I find this post extremely offensive. I mean, seriously Sean. How do you not save the best (Paulus) for last? For shame indeed.

It isn't just the flopping though. It's the fact that they get away with it almost 100% of the time. And the pundits (Dickie V) who side with them. "Little acting there." "He pushed him though!" Really?

Of course, this happens in the NBA as well. It's called San Antonio Spurs basketball.

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