Texas High School Hockey Fight: Cheap Shots, Bloodthirsty Parents and a Broken Jaw

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The Hansen Brothers, Texas high school version
See it while you still can -- video of the incredible ending of the Texas high school hockey championship up in Dallas.

(Yes, they have high school hockey here. It's a club sport, not part of the UIL.)

Keller beat a team from Arlington 9-3, and as the final buzzer sounded things got out of hand. two incredibly cheap shots were dished out, several fights broke out, and parents screamed encouragement instead of trying to stop things.

A concussion and a broken jaw resulted.

The clip was up on YouTube but was taken down; Deadspin has an unembeddable version, so click here to see.

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BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! Hockey players fought!!


You yanks need a Don Cherry Down here.

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