Seven Spring Break Foursquare Badges That Should Exist

Nothing says hot and nerdy like these spring break Foursquare badges.
Over the next week or two, the modern technology of social networking and the time-honored tradition of partying with your bathing suit around your ankles known as spring break will collide full force. We can only assume the level of regret felt by someone ten to 15 years from now when she is denied yet another preschool teacher job thanks to that topless photo of her making out with another girl posted all over the web.

But, if you are going to ruin any chance you might have of respectability online or otherwise, why not embrace the chaos and grab a few of these Foursquare badges while you are getting tan, grinding on total strangers, puking off balconies and whatever else it is you kids do these days.

We even included a few alternates for those of you who aren't, shall we say, as inclined to the garden-variety debauchery engaged in by the average American college kid.

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