Serial Rapist on the Loose in West/Northwest Harris County

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Suspected of at least three sexual assaults
Harris County sheriff's deputies say DNA tests show there's a serial rapist targeting women in the northwest and west sides of the county.

At a press conference today, they released a composite drawing of the suspect, who uses a box cutter to threaten the victims.

He's described as "a short, stocky black man in his 20s or 30s. He may drive a white Ford Expedition with a chrome bumper and also has been seen in a dark truck with a decorative grate on the rear window," according to the HCSO.

Three women have been sexually assaulted by the man, two last year and one in 2007. Whether there have been other victims is not known, of course.

The three victims were Hispanic women, the sheriff's office said: "One was attacked while jogging alone on a track at Springs Woods High School in the early hours of Aug. 18, 2007. The two others were attacked while alone in laundry rooms of apartment complexes on Nov. 2, 2010 and Dec. 14, 2010."

Anyone with information on the suspect should contact Crime Stoppers (713-222-TIPS, 713-222-8477) or the HCSO Adult Sex Crimes Unit (713-967-5743).



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The sketch would look a whole lot better with his eyes closed and a .357 hole between his eyes.

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