Schlitterbahn Just Got Awesomer

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One of the great advantages of living in Texas -- beyond the chance to vote for Rick Perry your entire life -- is Schlitterbahn, the renowned waterpark in New Braunfels.

The Hill Country setting, the nearby Guadalupe -- whether you're on your own or herding kids, it's a unique and terrific place. (The Galveston branch loses all the scenic charm, by the way.)

It's awesome, and it's about to get awesomer.

A major expansion opens this year, including "the world's longest waterpark ride filled with raging rapids, careening waterfalls and giant waves." It's two-thirds of a mile long and will have multiple exits and entries.

There will also be improved housing on the site for rent.

"We are excited to announce the largest expansion in nearly 15 years," said Darren Hill, the park's general manager. "Not only do we feel that this is the most exciting new collection of attractions to open this year in Texas, but we are also honored to introduce another world record-breaking ride for our guests."

Hey, it's a Texas treasure, we'll allow a little PR crowing.

The park season opens April 30.

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Lee Riner
Lee Riner

VERY cool!!! Gotta love the 'bahn.


3600 Ft of a urine stream! I'm there!


I was really hoping this post was about Schlitterbahn now allowing booze.


Wow. I'm still in shock at how great S-bahn has become -- because, let's be honest - it used to suck when I was a kid!

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