Pearland's Football Championship Rings: Not Small

Players and coaches from Pearland's 5A state champion football team got their rings last night and, well, let's just say they're pretty damn big.

Plus all those huge diamonds. (Just kidding.) (We think.)

The rings apparently feature the score of the title game, the wearer's name, and the team slogans Plus 1 and Yes We Can. There's plenty of room for it all, to be sure.

We've got a call in to Pearland ISD asking about price and other details.

Don't feel left out if you didn't get one, though. You can get Pearland state championship gear here, including these tasteful shirts:


Update: Pearland spokeswoman Renea Ivy-Sims tells Hair Balls 120 rings were purchased at $350 each. Players had to buy their own rings, she said, because of state rules prohibiting some types of gifts to student-athletes.

Pearland's gotten more upscale over the years, of course, but surely there must have been a player or two whose family couldn't just fork over $350, right? She said she'd check what happened in that case.

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What about the coaches?  How were their rings purchased?


Who designed those monstrosities? Shame on Pearland...they need to grow up. They look ridiculous!


Pearland. Land of Pears. Literally. Figuratively.

Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

re: the shirts

I think those are some of the free fonts you get in Picnik. That's not a compliment.

Fatty FatBastard
Fatty FatBastard

Grow up? They're in high school. By definition that isn't possible yet.

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