Jessica Tata Brought Into Custody

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Jessica Tata, 22, is in custody.
The long strange trip of the woman wanted in connection with the deaths of four children in a daycare fire in February is over as Jessica Tata was escorted to Harris County jail early Tuesday morning.

Tata was the owner of Jackie's Child Care, located in a residence that caught fire as the result of a pan of oil left on the stove. Surveillance cameras showed she was at Target when the fire took place. Four children ranging from 16 months to three years were killed in the blaze.

The suspect refused to answer questions from police and managed to hop a flight to Nigeria. She was apprehended in Lagos by security staff from Interpol and the U.S. State Department.

Tata arrived back in Houston early Tuesday morning and was held on 13 counts. She was wanted on 14 total charges including four charges of manslaughter, six charges of reckless injury to a child, three charges of abandoning a child under 15, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

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Ms. Pants
Ms. Pants

I don't understand why she's only being charged with manslaughter when she left the pan of burning oil on the stove. She's got a history of arson. She knew what she was doing. This was murder.


Doesn't sound to me like she turned herself in as her brother claimed.

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