iPad 2: The 1971 Version

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In case you hadn't heard, the iPad 2 comes out very, very soon. Geeks are already lining up.

We hate to pour cold water on such a momentous event, but frankly, what's the big deal about an iPad 2? As these five examples from a 1971 Sears catalog show, it's all been done before.

5. Watch movies!!
You can watch awesomely detailed movies on your iPad? Stop bragging: Entertainment doesn't get much more hi-def than this thing. (Caution: Don't use on a bumpy road.)


4. TALKING View-Master technology: Unavailable on the iPad
This baby probably has THX sound, and it was 3-D decades before Avatar.


3. Who needs mp3s?
Not only does this offer 33 rpm AND 45 rpm AND AM radio, it includes "separate tone and volume controls." It takes four D batteries, which alone probably weigh as much as 80 iPads.


2. More storage than your iTunes can dream of
"You can really stack up the records on the full-size changer," the ad says. And believe us, there is no better way to preserve vinyl than by plopping records onto one another. We're also curious about exactly which "10 popular 45-rpm records" you would get for your extra dollar. All timeless hits, we're sure.


1. Recording technology

Sure, you can record stuff on your iPad, but check out this sleek, modern portable wonder. (Note: That huge silver thing is a "knob.") And all for the unbelievably low price of $25, which in today's dollars is about $135!
searscassetteUSEhalf of it.jpg

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ROFL, I really thought this was regarding the "current APPLE" iPAD2... LOL! I have to agree with that "John O" guy - this is making me feel VERY old!!! Creative post and topic Richard! Cheers!


Ahhh...the Viewmaster. HOURS of fun in the car!!

Tried it on a recent generation though; no go.

Fatty FatBastard
Fatty FatBastard

Hey look! Old technology is OLD! Snark snark snark. Go reminisce about your precious Teddy Ruxpin days, already.


While the TALKING View-Master is a bit dated now, even it had support for Flash technology. In your face Apple! You know what I miss? The Columbia Record Club, which was the original iTunes, or the original NetFlix one or the other. I guess Simon would have been the original Nintendo DS.

John O
John O

You're making me feel OLD....

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