Texas Forces Women to See Their Fetus's Facebook Page (Possibly)

Check out our sample FB fetus page
The Texas House of Representatives spent much of today debating a bill to force women who are seeking abortions to view a sonogram of their fetus.

If there is a more august body to discuss such a bill, we don't know what it is. Unless it's the Ohio legislature, which had a fetus testify today by having its heartbeat amplified.

A testifyin' fetus? Texas, you've been pwned.

There's only one way to get back into this game, Lege: Instead of forcing a woman to watch a sonogram (booorrrring), appeal to the Kidz through social media. Force every pregnant women contemplating an abortion to view a state-created Facebook page of their fetus.

Ball's in your court, Ohio.


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You can't be too careful. They'd better be sure to frisk the gallery spectators for wire hangers on the way into the Ohio capitol building.

Gaff in a head act
Gaff in a head act

Everyone knows the coolest fetuses won't let their parents see their FB....


This makes me want to barf...even more than when I myself was pregnant (morning sickness, not looking at my beloved baby's fetus).

Why don't they focus on birth control instead? Make women at risk for abortion(s) spend time around teens; that'll cure 'em of wanting to have a baby. Oh wait, that won't work if THEY themselves are teens.

Anyways, someone -- and you know who -- should have aborted these legislators, in TX and Ohio. Keep your Paws Offa My **Penumbra!!

(**Loosely translated by SCOTUS itself: Womb)

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