Christopher Coker: Made Fake Walmart Receipts to Fool Friendly Greeters

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Liberty County SO
Christopher Coker: Fooling the old guys.
The life of the semi-retired Walmart greeter: If you're not getting choked because you asked to see a receipt, the receipt you get handed is a forgery allegedly and diabolically produced by a criminal-genius (alleged) meth head.

But you still gotta keep a smile on your face.

Law enforcement officials in Liberty County say Christopher Coker, 27, used a thermal imaging device to create fake Walmart receipts, which he used to fool the old dudes who check as you exit the store.

He did this often enough that he racked up $100,000 in ill-gotten gains, police tell KTRK.

Coker may have been able to take advantage of the fading eyesight of some greeters, but he met his match yesterday when he tried to take out a $300 air compressor. Cops were called and he was arrested.

Coker was well-stocked for his Walmart run: "Investigators reportedly located methamphetamine, crack cocaine and marijuana inside of Coker's vehicle," the story notes.

Other arrests are expected soon, Liberty County Sheriff's deputies say.

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"Other arrests are expected soon." What, this criminal mastermind needed partners?

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