Carrie Feibel & Eric Kayne: Chronicle Romance Makes The New York Times

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According to the Times: "Collins Metu Engagement photos of Carrie Feibel and Eric Kayne at the Menil in Houston, Texas"
The lusty, throbbing crucible of lust that is the Houston Chronicle was exposed in The New York Times Sunday, as a bodice-ripping tale of love at first sight, layoffs and, ummm, washing cars was laid bare for a nation to see.

Highlighted in the Times's weddings section, a must-read for certain segments of society, was the story of former Chron employees Carrie Feibel and photographer Eric Kayne, married yesterday in Missouri.

Feibel now works for KUHF and Kayne is a freelancer, but they first met when both were on an assignment for the Chron, readers learned.

The temperature was in the 30s, practically arctic by Houston standards.

"She was all wrapped up in a shawl," said Mr. Kayne, who noticed her "really pretty blue eyes" as she jotted down notes.

Last March, Kayne was laid off on a day of big cuts at the paper. He and Feibel went to a Vietnamese restaurant, the Times reported.

Ms. Feibel said that day "was such a mixture of sadness over the state of journalism, a lot of friends lost their jobs, and there was a whole overlay of excitement of being with Eric."

After lunch, Mr. Kayne knew just the thing to do. "Let's go get your car washed," he said after taking one look at Ms. Feibel's car, which she described as "looking like many reporters' cars -- dinged and perpetually dirty."

And the rest will be history, we guess. Mazel tov to the happy couple.

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What did I just read?


Whoah! Egads!

Soon, these Naughty Carwashes are going to start popping up on the pages of 29-95, sorta the equivalent of topless clubs in Houston Press.

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