Discovery 's Last Take-Off: Some Wild Views

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NASA has put together an impressive montage of the last take-off of the space shuttle Discovery, using a wide range of cameras on the launch pad and the vehicle.

There's about five minutes or so of preflight stuff here, so fast-forward if you prefer.

And for grins, here's the Star Trek wake-up call they got on Day 12:

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Oh, how I love to point at those who abuse authority and power and reach into the deep bag of my sarcasm to show how foolish we are in our choices of who to vote into office...most of the time. We do sometimes elect someone who cares more about what is good for the country, rather than just lining their own pockets. I can gripe, I can complain, and I can criticize Lyin' George, even in Texas.... Because Texas is part of the United States of America, and the accomplishments of NASA are the very embodiment of what Americans can do. Whether one agrees with funding of the space program or not, NASA is an enduring symbol of all that makes America great; a place where we can disagree on how to do things, but still get the job done.



Thank goodness Obama squashed the Orion project. We'll be much safer in Russian, Chinese or Indian vehicles. And I'm sure we'll be a priority and not take a backseat to their 'peaceful' missions. And the Space Station we payed for will be open for our use! Or for Muslim outreach programs! Disgusting! How proud Michelle must be right now!

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