Dale Allen Richardson Jr.: This Badge Means I'm an Attorney!

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OF COURSE I'm a lawyer
A 28-year-old Plano man is going to federal prison for more than five years after falsely claiming to be a lawyer -- despite submitting a badge declaring him to be an "Officer of the Court" of the Cherokee Nation.

That's not good enough?

Well, it isn't when a clerk for the Cherokee Nation's Supreme Court testifies that a) they don't give out badges, and b) you were disbarred by the Nation for stealing the bar number of a guy with a similar name.

Richardson had been defending aliens in Dallas and had advertised himself as an immigration attorney, the U.S. Attorney's office here in Houston, which prosecuted the case, says.

"Richardson fabricated dozens of documents to portray himself as an attorney with an established law office, including judicial certificates of good standing, bar memberships, business cards and other advertisements, law firm stationery and client retainer agreements," prosecutors said.

He generally charged $2,500 in fees, and whatever the Cherokee word for "chutzpah" is, he has it.

"Evidence also showed that Richardson continued taking new paying clients until days before his trial in Laredo." prosecutors said. "While out on bond pending his trial, Richardson also relocated his office from Farmers Branch to a better location in Dallas across the street from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Removal and Deportation Office."

The judge formally found that "Richardson's conduct was an abuse of trust which substantially interfered with the administration of justice as well as an extensive and well-planned and executed fraud which duped vulnerable victims, interfering with their 'right to be legitimately represented.'"

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there were no victims in this case, the immigration laws are clear, illegal Aliens are not giving the chose to have free legal council by the Government, TITLE VII Right to Qualified Representation(§ 801) ¨ Limits the categories of persons who are authorized to represent individuals in an immigration matter before any federal agency. The categoriesinclude: (3) any “reputable individual” appearing on an individual basis at the request of the immigrant, without remuneration, permitted to do so by the official before whom he or she is appearing, and who has a preexisting relationship or connection with theimmigrant, unless this latter requirement is waived because adequate representation would not otherwise be available and the individual does not regularly engage in immigration practice or preparation;

there for Dale Allen Richardson, Jr. was not doing wrong, he was fully covered by the law of the BIA, and the appeal courts for immigrations, The so called Judge Alverez , and Diana Song of the U.S Attorney's office, just went off BULLSHIT. The judge said it herself at the sentencing that she didn't know the immigration law, Yet your sentencing a man to five years on what? Bullshit, Diana Song pulled out her ass, then paid the witness to lie on the stand? are you kidding me Laredo has some messed up officers of the law, and the law is above noone just remember that. the funny thing is that all I hear about is corrupt things happening in laredo, texas with the law enforcement.


Most of the lawyers I know deny that they are lawyers. Why would anyone want to claim to be one?


Vurnerable victims that are her is the states illegally???

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