Sorry, Aggies: College Station Gets a "D"

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Kazan is gonna be pissed.
Aggies may love their College Station, but the Daily Beast doesn't: The national Web site gives the city a "D" in its rankings of America's smartest college towns.

College Station, you're no Cambridge or Berkeley. On the bright side, you're not South Bend, either: The home of Notre Dame got an "F."

The Web site looked at towns over 25,000 where a university was the dominant presence. Austin, for instance, didn't make the cut because it's also the state capital.

Here's their criteria:

Bachelor's degrees per capita for the over-25 population (30 percent), data from the US Census.

Graduate degrees per capita for the over-25 population (30 percent), data from the US Census.

Median math and reading SAT scores for the student population of town's major college or colleges (30 percent), data from the National Center on Education Statistics.

And, taking a page from our Smartest Cities methodology, we looked at libraries per capita (10 percent), with data from Citysearch.

Of the 25 cities listed, College Station came in 21st.

Apparently the George Bush library isn't the intellectual draw it could be.

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You know what frightens me most about this report is that my alma maters are #24 and #25. I knew South Bend had a rather large population of morons and cretins, but I thought Lawrence was a bastion of intellect. Evidently the townies there are as dumb as the townies anywhere else.

Oh Brother
Oh Brother

Be careful not to bump your nose on the ceiling fan.

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