The New York Times Takes Another Shot at the Cleveland Gang-Rape Story

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Last Sunday, Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, noted in his column that the paper's original story on the horrific Cleveland gang rape was a "ham-handed article that led some readers to think we were blaming the 11-year-old victim."

He said "the only way to make amends was to order up a whole new story."

That story appears today.

It includes many of the details already covered by the Houston Chronicle and new interviews that cast a decidedly different take on matters.

Instead of quoting people wondering what the girl was doing in a notorious part of town, it has this, in the opening:

CLEVELAND, Tex. -- A year ago, the 11-year-old girl who the police say was the victim of repeated gang rapes in this East Texas town was an outgoing honor roll student, brimming with enthusiasm, who went on hikes and planted trees with a youth group here.

"She has always been a really bubbly child," said Brenda Myers, director of the Community and Children's Impact Center, who worked with her. "She always had a smile on her face."

But in October, just after starting sixth grade, the girl became withdrawn, Ms. Myers said, and in November, she stopped attending the center's meetings.

The story notes that "Court documents and dozens of interviews over several weeks with the girl's family, her friends and neighbors, as well as those who know the defendants, provide a more complete picture of what occurred as well as a deeper portrait of the victim."

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this whole thing stinks to high heavens.... time to start with any socalled law officer and work the way down to the rapists... send the sheriff to prison along with the rapists... maybe invite a bunch of muslims in to raise the morality of the place. cleveland texas should be transplanted to north africa a little south of trippoli, libya.... it would fit right in with those bastids...


The cutline on the first foto alone is pretty damning--geez. There is NO way to blame the victim here--I don't care if she dressed like Brittany Spears or even invited all those sh*theads over to ruin her life.

And now the citizens must pay to prosecute and support those sorry scumbags; when they get out in 8 years, they'll be worse than ever. Almost makes you want to go vigilante on their asses.

Oh Brother
Oh Brother

At least Ralph Evan's (QX) fat head didn't show up in the column.


that one ain't all that much better - still so focused on the victim.


No, it makes me wish the prison system in this country didn't breed more criminality, but instead instilled a sense of guilt and the urge to make up for wrongdoings once out of prison. I know, I know...rainbows and unicorns and forced sodomy and all that...but a guy can dream, can't he?

Side note: these guys are going to prison as child rapists. If my vast catalog of Law&Order:SVU knowledge serves me right, they'll be lucky if they can walk when(if?) they get out...

Side side note: I will always pay to ensure a suspected criminal has a fair trial, no matter how f*$@ing despicable his crime or how incredibly, 1000% sure I am he's guilty. It's one of the most basic ideas this country is founded on. Half the bill of rights are focused on fair prosecution/trials (compared with 3 for limits on powers of the government and <1 for religion, speech, guns, etc...).

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