Puke-Tastic "Animal Abuse" Flick to Be Shown Outside Schools, Malls

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A scene from Farm to Fridge
It's probably safe to say that this film won't garner a G rating.

Mercy for Animals (MFA), an animal-rights organization that has exposed some of the behind-the-scenes goings-on in factory farms, has recently released the film Farm to Fridge - The Truth Behind Meat Production.

MFA prides itself on going incognito into factory farms across the country and documenting "animal abuse" in places like California, Ohio and, in 2000, a fish-slaughter plant in Texas. However, Farm to Fridge takes it a step further by showing footage of factory workers going all Bruce Lee on swine as well as in-your-face displays of botched castrations, gassed animals and chicken clubbings.

The shock-centric video, which includes the obligatory throat-slitting scene, features sedate narration by James Cromwell, a PETA backer who also played a farmer in Babe (1995).

"If you are at all moved by this film . . ." Cromwell concludes towards the film's end.

Yeah, we're moved to upchucking our tofu scramble.

Anyway, Houston Press took one for the team by watching the 12-minute flick. The sound of dying animals alone will probably be enough for most viewers.

If the embedded video below isn't intense enough, feel free to supersize the viewing experience when Mercy for Animals' Phil Letten stops in Houston on March 25 during a 40-city promotional tour of Farm to Fridge.

Letten will drive a modified truck decked out with three 80-inch video screens and stop in high-traffic areas such as schools and shopping malls as well as steakhouses. The motion picture will also be played on folks wearing T-shirts fitted with iPads.

This is seriously nasty stuff. Consider yourself warned.

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Houstonian in Austin
Houstonian in Austin

I really don't approve of the shock value. I am a very pro-animal rights person after working at animal shelters, but what the "animal rights" groups do is about the same as what the "pro-life" groups do--post distasteful pictures. If they had a legitimate position, they could argue it from a compassionate perspective rather than show brutal pictures that are the equivalent of a snuff film. PETA, The Passion of the Christ, and anti-choice groups preach and shock to gain followers, which is intellectually dishonest since it's nothing more than an appeal to emotion argument.

I think Mel Gibson's next movie is going to be about Christ-killing Jews that torture animals in slaughterhouses to fund the genocidal abortion of black babies by Planned Parenthood.


Dear Houstonian in Austin: Footage like this is not the exception but rather the rule. 99% of all meat/dairy/eggs come from places like these. This only exposes reality. The more that consumers know the better choices they can make. Animal industries prefer to keep their operations hidden and thus keep those who purchase these things unaware. Knowledge is a powerful motivator to align one's actions with their ethics. Most people would never consider modern animal "husbandry" practices as decent or "humane". I'm glad the truth is being told. People have a right to know what they are voting for with their dollars. They also have a right to know that none of it is necessary - As we can live fine and well on a plant based diet. ;)

Settin' it straight
Settin' it straight

Dear Houstonian in Austin:

I admire you for your pro-animal rights work, but do not understand what you mean by implying the folks at Mercy for Animals and other animal rights groups rely on shock value for lack of a legitimate position. To me it's very clear that they have not only a legitimate foundation, but a very strong one. Billions of animals are confined to extremely cramped enviornments, abused, and yes, mercilessly tortured. These things are not isolated incidents; they are widespread. Animal welfare and animal rights groups can speak eloquently and cogently about these facts...and they do. However, the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" applies here. While some people may glaze over at hearing about statistics and other dry facts, these same people will take notice of visual media that conveys same. There's nothing hyped up or altered; what they're seeing is the real deal. I personally don't think these images are shown to garner shock for shock itself. Compassion (and respect for all sentient beings) is EXACTLY the perspective from which these kinds of films are driven. I think they are shown in order to show consumers exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

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