After a Lot of Bitching, City Council Approves Adding Two New Seats

Meetings will get even longer....
It took a surprising amount of bitching and complaining from people who apparently don't like to share the spotlight, but the city council has approved Mayor Annise Parker's plan to go ahead and add two district seats to the elected panel.

The city declared that -- no matter what the hell the census said -- the city's population is 2.1 million, triggering an agreement with the Department of Justice to add two seats.

The single-member districts will each be composed of about 190,000 residents. Currently there are nine single-district council members and five at-large.

Now the fun of redistricting begins.

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Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller

I wanna know who the one guy is who voted against it. Who feels so confident in their job security that they would actively oppose a measure that would ensure less competition for their seat on election day?


Everyone vote for me, Evan!

Hypocrisy Abounds
Hypocrisy Abounds

Because he probably doesn't believe 1) they should overrule the census count, 2)they should be expanding city gov't in a time of layoffs and massive cuts, 3) "minorities" should automatically receive more representation because of their race.

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